K-FLEX POLSKA Sp. z o.o.

K-FLEX is a multinational manufacturing company specialised in the production of thermal and acoustic flexible elastomeric insulation materials. Thanks to its focus on technological innovation and the quality of its products and services, K-FLEX is a worlwide market leader with more than thirty years experience across a variety of business areas.

Main role in the project:

A smart rubber will be developed as smart sensor installed on the heating distribution pipes (based on EPDM rubber with high amount of bio-based additives, graphitic material and phase changing material). Phase change materials (PCM) are a materials which can release or absorb sufficient energy during phase transition. The transition will be from one of the two fundamental states of mater: solid to liquid (heating) or liquid to solid (cooling). By melting or solidifying at the phase change temperature, a PCM is capable of storing or releasing significant amount of energy compared to sensible heat storage.