NOBATEK/INEF4 is a private applied research centre, French Institute for Energy and Environmental Transition in the Construction industry.
Our mission: Invent, develop and spread innovative and impactful solutions for the energy and environmental transition (energy efficiency and environmental sustainability) in the construction sector on both new developments and renovation projects.
What we do : Drive innovation from ideas to market implementation. Together, our teams of researchers and engineers imagine innovative products and solutions that will improve the energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings and neighborhoods, and make them a reality.

Our values : Innovation, Identity, Impact and Independence

Main role in the project:

NOBATEK/INEF4 is project partner and leader of work package 3 “Measurement, evaluation and learning methodology, Impact assessment and platforms specifications” and leader of Task 4.1 of WP4 “Demonstration of the 8 renovation packages”.
In this context, our role is to:

  • Set up a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning methodology to assess the expected performance of the renovation packages both at TRL6 and TRL7 and the accomplishment to their expected outcomes and its readiness to contribute to the mid and long term expected impacts of the renovation processes
  • Establish set of indicators for REHOUSE to cover a holistic and multidimensional assessment of the renovation packages and building’s performance, addressing the whole renovation value chain
  • Development of monitoring programs/plans for the construction (retrofitting) phase and the operation phases of the building
  • Participation in the definition of the IPD BIM-based platform that will be used through all phases for their full digitalization: modelling, design, implementation (retrofitting and installation of the RPs components), monitoring and finally evaluation and impact assessment
  • Coordinate the deployment of IPD methodology and BIM-based Digital building logbook