BIOMAT, was born as a dedicated sector of Pedone Working, a reality that for over twenty years has established itself on the national territory as a developer and producer of interventions with a very high sustainability profile, with national awards (CasaClima Gold Cube in 2013, Platinum Cube in 2018) and international (Green Building Award 2016 promoted by the UN). BIOmatCanapa is an Italian brand with national and international diffusion, which identifies a dynamic and highly competent company, continuously researching and developing innovative, natural and sustainable products and systems. BIOmatCanapa deals with the production and proposal on the Italian and international market of a complete range of products to be used in green building interventions, which stand out for their high construction quality and environmental comfort. The characteristics of the materials make them compatible for new NZEB constructions and for renovations on existing buildings. The proposed hemp solutions are characterized by being highly innovative, natural and sustainable, with simple and traditional laying techniques. The hemp biocompounds do not cause toxic emissions in the home environment, they maintain an ideal temperature inside the structure, reduce costs and limit CO2 emissions into the environment, all prerogatives required of a modern, aware, constantly evolving building.

Main role in the project:

In the REHOUSE project Pedone Working works in the Italian Demo site in Margherita di Savoia.

PEDONE WORKING is a project partner directly involved in the definition and design of WP 2 RP#5 |Renovation Packages Design, Specification and Digitalisation|.

In this context PEDONE WORKING is the main responsible for the development of natural bio-based insulation materials. The company use a hemp-based panels inside a metal structure of a prefabricated facade. These hemp material will provide unique thermohygrometric regulation features that contribute to a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Hemp has high thermo-hygrometric, eco-compatible and recyclable properties, as well as being a material with a negative CO2 emission balance, capable of capturing and sequestering 60 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere for every m3 of material. The use of hemp materials, as well as insulating panels made of hemp, allows a reduction of VOCs to the advantage of healthy and comfortable environments.The use of natural materials, or materials with a lower environmental impact,  make it possible to significantly reduce the  ecological footprint.