Renel I.K.E.

Renel (Renel Energy and Power Engineering) is an SME located in the center of Thessaloniki, in Greece. Renel provides innovative, holistic solutions for energy and electromechanical projects and services. Emphasizing on the industrial, energy, building and research sector, Renel designs and implements cost effective proposals, improving business efficiency, increasing resilience and promoting business vision.

Renel provides design, construction and maintenance services for low and medium voltage electrical installations, RES and electromobility projects. Renel offers energy services with the aim to improve the energy efficiency of facilities and equipment. The company is committed to using environment friendly practices to combine efficient production with effective environmental protection. All the activities are conducted in a way that ensures the correct and efficient use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Compliance with applying legislation, continuous efforts to protect the environment and strive to improve environmental performance are an integral part of the personnel’s daily activities.

Main role in the project:

Renel is responsible for Renovation Package 2 (Adaptable/Dynamic Building Envelope – ADBE) and is mainly involved in Kimmeria’s demo site, in the Greek pilot. Renel will provide its expertise and know-how during all the project phases, will be part of the most WPs and will integrate RP2 in the Greek building.