R.I. S.p.A

RI Group 

R.I. SpA is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the field of the design and construction of: modular building systems – technological shelters – logistic equipment.
In 2019, R.I. Group develop the Medical Division and in April 2020 awarded the NSPA International Tender for the supply of no. 4 “Role2 Medical Treatment Facilities” and a mobile solution -BIOCONTAINMENT COMPOUND BSL-3- to face the Global Pandemic Crises due to COVID 19.
R.I.’s main production plant and headquarters is located in Lecce in the South-East of Italy near the Brindisi and Taranto port situated in the mid of the Mediterranean Sea. Other production plants are located in Kosovo, Lebanon and Djibouti.

Main role in the project:

RI is a project partner mainly involved in the definition and design of WP2 RP#5 |Renovation Packages Design, Specification and Digitalisation|. In this context RI is the main responsible for the development of the following innovations for the Italian Demo Site:

  • Multi-purpose pre-fab envelope for external walls (in collaboration with SUNAGE and PW), designing, studying and implementing an exoskeleton to realize a Structural and Thermal-Sound-Absorbing Façade system consisting of innovative and sustainable materials
  • Multi-purpose Façade with Bio based insulation and BIPV
  • Dedicated exoskeleton designed to support multi-purpose components

RI is also involved in the work package n. 2, 3, 4 and 5. In this context, RI works on:

  • Detailed specification of the renovation packages
  • Modelling, controlling and improvement of prefab/off-site construction of Renovation Packages
  • Performance assessment for TRL6 demonstration
  • Guidelines for the industrialization and use of the Renovation Packages
  • Establishment of the REHOUSE set of indicators
  • Methods for long term-performance assessment
  • Construction – pre-fabrication, off-site construction, retrofitting works and commissioning of components of the Renovation Packages
  • Monitoring of building performance
  • Impact Assessment and evaluation of performance