We are Sunage.
We integrate photovoltaic modules in any architectural cladding by combining high energy performance, design and customization.

Over 15 years of experience in photovoltaic manufacturing combined with unsurpassed Swiss quality of our products and processes continuously lead us in developing ambitious sustainable and aesthetic projects.

Main role in the project:

Sunage is project partner of Renovation Package 5, in charge of co-developing a multipurpose façade system with bio-based insulation and BIPV (Building integrated Photovoltaic).
As leader of BIPV solutions, our role is to adapt our technology to develop BIPV opaque cladding elements carefully optimized for substantial time and cost reductions during the manufacturing process, while being capable of complying with different architectural, energy and construction requirements.
The ambition of this work is to release on the market an affordable mainstream BIPV solution that is customizable for a massive implementation in the multi-storey residential segment. Indeed, the easy-to-install multipurpose façade system will be installed in the renovation site of Margherita di Savoia (Italy), where the selected condominium is part of a larger social housing stock with similar buildings.