TERA s.r.l.

TERA is an innovative SME – as certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development – founded in 2007 by experienced entrepreneurs (shareholders) with about 25 years expertise in the development of original solutions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and environmental monitoring, both in terms of design and production. Over the past years, TERA has gained valuable experience in the development of custom electronics and edge IoT computing device for high-tech applications delivered to several clients and has contributed to the development of original high-tech solutions by participating in national and European cooperative R&D projects.

TERA’s current main topics and business interests are:

  • Energy efficiency assessments by means of ICT tools and thermal imaging profiling and management systems (including renewable sources), in houses and industrial facilities (40% of global annual income).
  • Real-time control systems by means of ad-hoc embedded HW and SW (40% of global annual income).

TERA’s expertise is related to the following areas:

  • Embedded Electronics (HW/FW): Wireless Sensors Networks, rapid prototyping
  • ICT: edge computing, web, cloud, communication protocols, IoT open-source Software Frameworks
  • IoT enabling technologies, Sensors à Edge à Cloud Data Retrieval and Cloud à Edge à Sensors Command & Control
  • Energy Modelling, Thermography Certified Operator.

TERA is involved in B2B services in the field of innovation management, acting as a partner and technology supplier (technical services starting from the concept and leading to rapid-prototyping and production). The results developed in these fields by TERA are complemented by thorough protection, enabled through long standing experience in the field of patents and Intellectual Property.

TERA’s know-how regards both the “information” field, such as protocols and architectures in the energetic sector, and the “hardware” field, i.e., electronics (HW and FW) development, PCB design, laboratory and in-site tests, product and system certification, electronic and environmental measurements. This double-sided capacity in complementary fields has enabled to generate, internally to TERA, the potential to address energy related aspects, optimizing the energy flows in renewables.

Furthermore, TERA is involved in “Manufacturer and Technological Districts” in Apulia Region (e.g., Digital Energy, Sustainable Buildings, and Energy Communities) and is actively promoting the innovation culture in “CONFINDUSTRIA”, the main entity representing Italian manufacturing and services companies, and the Smart Building Alliance Italia.

Main role in the project:

Tera is responsible for the development of an open-source, customizable, monitoring and management software framework based on FIN Framework that lays upon a distributed network of its innovative, interoperable IoT edge controller and gateways designed and developed by TERA and combined with third parties sensors and actuators. This architecture contributes to the definition to the overall monitoring of the RP #4.