Energy efficiency Building Enhancement through performance guarantee Tools

The EBENTO project works for change, providing a framework to showcase and integrate new business models and innovative technology for energy performance guarantees and contracts. Its one-stop-shop platform facilitates public institutions, energy communities, SMEs, and Energy Service Companies in identifying energy efficiency improvements in residential housing, streamlining administrative procedures, enabling public-private partnerships, and attracting investments while reducing upfront costs. Additionally, EBENTO prioritizes citizens as key contributors to the energy transition, supporting their decision-making in energy efficiency investments.

The EBENTO ecosystem addresses current barriers in building renovation projects, such as high capital costs, administrative burdens, and limited financing options. The project’s innovations make it feasible for low-income and energy-poor households to afford not only small-scale interventions but also deep renovations.

In that context EBENTO develops a comprehensive One-Stop-Shop platform, serving Public Institutions and Cooperatives in identifying energy efficiency upgrades for residential housing with support from SMEs and energy service companies. It looks into optimising financing schemes, refining Energy Performance Contract (EnPCs), and fostering citizen trust in investing for increased energy-building efficiency. Key features include:

1. Building Performance Contracts and Guarantees Module: Efficient smart contract management.

2. Monitoring Module: Empowering citizens with energy insights for savings and comfort.

3. Simulation Module: Providing optimal and cost-effective building enhancement solutions.

These innovations enable EBENTO to gather crucial data from EnPCs, financial schemes, device monitoring, energy savings, building information modelling, user feedback, and comfort levels. This data builds citizen trust in investing while providing companies with vital information for cost reduction and scalable replication. The platform promotes transparency in energy decisions, heightening social energy awareness and citizen participation. EBENTO’s results are undergoing rigorous testing and validation in demonstrations across Spain, Greece, Estonia, and the UK. Involving 35 small residential buildings and more than 80 users, including perspectives from Public Institutions, Cooperatives, and Utilities, these demonstrations deliver increased flexibility, improved comfort, enhanced energy efficiency, reduced heat losses, and greater efficiency in circular economy practices. Additionally, the project ensures accessibility for lower-income households, develops Aggregator/ESCO services, and supports multi-tenure property area-based schemes. Notably, Tallinn and Valencia’s recognition as EU Green Capitals for 2023 and 2024 further underscores their commitment to the project.