Renovation Package 08

Intelligent window system

Intelligent Window System (IWS) that can be easily adapted to the outer skin of new or existing buildings and incorporates smart management of solar gaining thanks to the embedment of smart sensors. Intelligent Windows System minimize the heat loss through the windows.

The main innovations of the proposed system are the following:

Windows are the most crucial points of the buildings from the aspects of energy loss. The REHOUSE Intelligent Windows System (IWS) mitigates this effect by reducing the heat loss up to the half. It can be used for existing or renewed windows in any type of buildings. It can be directly integrated into multi-purpose envelope solutions such as ADBE (RP2).

The unique perceived benefit of the Renovation Package:

Minimize the heat loss and by so reduce the energy consumption for heating and cooling. In addition, the system is smart by the built-in sensors and controller.