Renovation Package 05

Multipurpose façade system
with bio-based insulation and BIPV

Consists of a system of prefabricated panels that integrated with a modular substructure anchored to the walls of an existing building give origin to a thermo-sound-absorbing and photovoltaic coating, which, as a whole, constitutes a multi-purpose façade that characterizes the design and architecture of the building.

The Renovation Package RP#5 mainly consists of three basic elements listed below:

  • Modular Bearing Structure -MbS- designed for anchoring to the existing building and engineered to support, coupling and interlocking of the panel types foreseen by the project.
  • Prefabricated Thermo-sound-absorbing Sandwich Base Panel –TsaP– characterized by a hemp-based core BIOCANPANEL[1], manufactured by Pedone Working -Techno Partner-, and suitable for the multifunctional match to two or more types of finishes and external coatings such as:
  • External skin consisting of a honeycomb panel with a heat dissipating and protective function from atmospheric agents –HcP-;
  • Pre-wired BIPVSUNCOL PUZZLE[2] panel produced by the SUNAGETechno Partner– consisting of photovoltaic cells and designed to produce primary energy;
  • Green Wall load-bearing grid structure designed for the support of vertical plant species on the facade –GwF.

The main innovations of the proposed system are the following:

The RP#5 package aims at the realization of a bearing substructure MbS capable of integrating the multifunctionality of the different stratigraphies represented by the following types:

  • RP#5 TsaP
  • RP#5 TsaP + HcP
  • RP#5  TsaP + BIPV

The unique perceived benefit of the Renovation Package.

The RP#5 thanks to its multifunctional degree of thermo-sound-absorbing insulation, photovoltaic and vertical green, it allows to “dress” the existing building in different ways and timing depending on the cases and latitudes.  RP#5 can be considered as an industrial model for energy efficiency and architectural enhancement of buildings.

The Technology Readiness Level of the Renovation Package:

  1. In 2022: To date, the starting TRL 4 of the project refers to consolidated design techniques that allow to identify laboratory results in terms of thermo-acoustic and photovoltaic performance of the materials implemented for the energy efficiency of buildings.
    During the project development period, combined with RP#5, innovative systems will be identified in order to find a dry prefabricated construction technique related to the multifunctionality for the passive and active energy efficiency of buildings –Multipurpose Façade-.
  1. In 2026: In 2026: The on-site realization of the prototypes –MBs+FsaP+HcP+BIPV+GwP– in scale 1:1 on the façades of the existing building will allow the WorkingTeam to reach a TRL 7 capable of returning the desired results for the reduction of CO2 emissions, energy consumption savings and the improvement of the tenant’s comfort.