Renovation package 01

Multi-sourced heat pump

A heat pump will be developed in the context of the project. The heat pump can use multi-source energy sources, such as solar, geothermal, air and thermal energy from storage systems. The heat source temperature may vary to a large extent, in order to provide space heating and cooling, and domestic hot water. It considers multiple operating modes (heating and cooling) and temperature variations of the heat source, able to adapt to varying integrated set-ups. The proposed heat pump can achieve an improved COP, compared to conventional heat pump systems, reaching up to 4.5.


The main innovations of the proposed system are the following:

  1. multi-source operation of the heat pump, combining many natural heat sources
  2. use of thermal energy storage systems as heat source for the heat pump operation
  3. energy management and control system of the heat pump, resulting to more efficient and reliable operation
  4. selection of HFO refrigerant, allowing the use of the heat pump in the future according to F-Gas regulation
  5. integration of thermal solar panels with heat pumps leading to a higher temperature operation of the heat pump.