Integrated, interoperable, smart and user-centred building automation and control system for better energy performance of non-residential historic buildings coupling physics & data-based approaches.

SMARTeeSTORY is an EU-funded Horizon Europe project that accelerates the digital transformation of historical non-residential buildings. It brings together a consortium of 13 partners from six countries.

SMARTeeSTORY develops a smart and integrated building automation and control system to monitor and optimise the energy performance of buildings. By combining interoperable and cybersecure-by-design software and hardware solutions, the project thus accelerates the green transition of historical buildings while respecting their unique identities.

The project drives the transition towards a more sustainable built environment by promoting solutions that combine energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and digital and smart technologies. The respective solutions are tested at historic buildings in three locations: the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft, the Royal Chancellery of Granada and the Riga City Hall.

Riga City Hall