NEWS: Embracing Solar Innovation: REHOUSE Shines at Milan Fuorisalone with SUPSI

This year’s Milan Design Week saw the unveiling of “Building with the sun,” an awe-inspiring solar pavilion co-created by Sun Appeal and SUPSI. From April 15 to 21, the pavilion stood as a beacon of sustainable design at the heart of the Milan Fuorisalone.

© Bonomo Pierluigi: University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)

“Building with the sun” transcended the conventional perception of solar panels, showcasing them as not just practical tools but also as sources of artistic inspiration. The pavilion symbolized a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, nature and technology, inviting visitors to engage in a meaningful dialogue about the future of sustainable architecture.

Representing REHOUSE at this esteemed event was a testament to our commitment to promoting renewable energy solutions. Through our presence, we aimed to highlight the transformative potential of solar energy in shaping our cities for a greener tomorrow.

Key takeaways from our participation include the recognition of photovoltaics as “right-tech” – a fusion of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic design. By featuring revolutionary solar products, we aimed to inspire creativity and innovation in urban development.

As Milan Design Week drew to a close, “Building with the sun” left a lasting impression, sparking conversations and igniting imaginations about the role of solar energy in shaping the future of architecture. REHOUSE remains committed to driving this dialogue forward, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable world.