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In REHOUSE, an international consortium of multiple experts is working to promote and demonstrate the increase of scope and productivity of the renovation process, to improve the comfort and satisfaction of building inhabitants and users. In other words, to increase the use of integrated solutions for the decentralised generation of renewable energies.

REHOUSE consortium pictured during the tour of Techniwood’s facilities, © Credits: Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

We, at Steinbeis Europa Zentrum, are responsible to make our technical colleagues visible by presenting our project activities and achievements in an easy understandable way, for experts and non-experts alike!

Here is what we have developed for you to dive into our project!
The project stated in October 2022 and will last 48 months until September 2026.

Our REHOUSE project website informs you about technical solutions that will be deployed across 4 demo sites. Find out more facts, challenges, desired outcomes about the pilots: 

The technical solutions that will be developed and implemented to the pilots are increase of scope and productivity of the renovation process in Europe. Discover our 8 renovation packages, find out what is in:

  1. Multi-sourced heat pump
  2. Adaptable/dynamic building envelope (ADBE)
  3. SmartWall
  4. Centralised Holistic H&C Renovation Kit
  5. Multipurpose façade system with bio-based insulation and BIPV
  6. PanoRen
  7. Activated cellulose thermal insulation made of wood waste
  8. Intelligent window system

When we are talking about the REHOUSE consortium we are talking about 25 partners lead by CARTIF: Learn more about the experts in the consortium .

Moreover, you can find regular blogs & articles as well as latest news depicting the work of our project partners. You want to meeting our partners? Find inspiration events where to meet our consortium or the building renovation community!

Until today, we have published two newsletters giving an update on our project activities, introducing the demo-sites and giving insights on progress of work.

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In REHOUSE we coordinate the Dissemination and Communication activities as well as the Exploitation actions.

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