BLOG: Margherita di Savoia, Italy: Tenant’s assembly on planned technical solutions and actions

An interdisciplinary team of the Italian REHOUSE partners presented and discussed the planned technical solutions that will improve the living conditions in the building with the tenants of a social housing building in Margherita di Savoia about.

In the framework of REHOUSE project activities, and under Arca Capitanata supervision, a tenants’ assembly was held on the 19th January 2024, in Margherita di Savoia, in the province of BAT, (Barletta, Andria Trani) in the home of a resident of the social housing chosen as demo site for the requalification interventions envisaged by the REHOUSE project.

All resident families attended the meeting, together with the Bibbò technical studio, the professionals appointed by ARCA Capitanata, ENEA technicians, and Puglia Region representant.

It was the occasion to clarify to tenants the technical solutions envisaged and the reasons behind the choices that were made, focusing attention on how the building will change thanks to the interventions, and what impacts this change will have on the lives of residents.

The project was presented in detail, drawn up by the group of designers entrusted with the design task, followed by a consultation on the choice of the color of the building’s facades, the specific theme for the mosaic of the north façade, the street furniture to be inserted in the outdoor spaces in front of the building, together with all the observations that were collected from participants.

Among the key elements of the project, the importance to monitor the induced change, and the degree of acceptance of the residents. Many aspects were in detail taken into consideration, in particular:

– Structural consolidation of two internal pillars.

– The centralised system hot water and cooling production.

– Replacement of fixtures.

– The Exoskeleton with photovoltaic façade.

– The street art project.

– The design of outdoor spaces, an urban oasis.

Using other source of funds, the intervention on the building will be completed through the redevelopment of the outdoor space aimed at promoting moments of socialization and aggregation for better social cohesion. The tenants’ requests include the creation of a children’s play area.

Meeting with the tenants, in presence of Tiziano Bibbò (picture 1) and Gennaro Di Tella (picture 2) ©ENEA


ARCA CAPITANATA : Gennaro Di Tella, Armando De Santis, Vincenzo De Devitii

PUGLIA REGION: Maritè Cuonzo

ENEA: Lorenza Daroda, Monica Misceo