NEWS: Italian Demo Site

The Italian demo site is located in a marginal area of Margherita di Savoia. Statistical analyses performed by ENEA revealed high values of the LIHC (Low Income High Costs) indicator in the area, as a consequence of 40% of the social housing stock being over 40 years old and responsible for high energy consumption and GHG emissions. The specific demo building is part of a cluster of similar ones, all characterized by problems of physical degradation and social vulnerability. Indeed, the assignees of this public housing stock are frail and vulnerable. The most common problems are economic difficulties, health problems, school drop-out levels, loneliness of third age people, together with psycho-motor, intellectual and relational disabilities. In the last two years, regional policies for the requalification of poor areas have been introduced.

The demo building has a rectangular footprint with 4 floors and 8 apartments and is built in reinforced concrete frame with poor insulation. It is part of a larger social housing stock with similar buildings. These constructive specifications lead to problems of heat dispersion and housing discomfort due to summer temperatures, inadequate natural ventilation, old facilities as well as presence of architectural barriers.

Community Impact: By renovating these buildings, we aim to reduce energy consumption, provide better living conditions, and positively impact the lives of the vulnerable residents.

REHOUSE wants to demonstrate the following the Italian Demo Site:

✅️ improvement of energy performance
✅️ living comfort
✅️ seismic retrofitting of the building
✅️ participatory tenant approach